Tampereen Työväen Teatteri (TTT-Theatre)



Our challenge was to design and develop a smooth shopping experience for TTT-Theatre’s website. The goal was to make the purchasing of theatre tickets and catering services as customer-friendly as possible.

Customer understanding

It was important to empathize the customers. From background data, customer satisfaction survey and analytics reports, personas were created to represent different target groups. After personas, it was time to change perspectives to see the ticket shopping in customers point-of-view. Customer journey maps were modelled to get better understanding in what different situations personas are in and collected information what is important to that single persona in different touch-points with the theatre. Customer journey maps where done in a workshop with TTT-Theatre’s project group and Hansdotter advertising agency. After this phase we collected a good basis of understanding the needs of the customers. We then could proceed to design a prototype of the website.


Visual update

The old site was dated and required a new modern and distinctive look. Hansdotter was responsible of the brand’s visual look, which we at Industry62 expanded to online environment. The new brand look was first tested in website prototype and from there implemented to actual website, when development of the site started.

Shopping experience

The whole theatre ticket shopping experience was made more streamlined. Before, ticket shopping was redirected to Lippupiste’s website and catering services had to be bought separately from theatre’s website. Now the online shopping is done in webshop (that Lippupiste offered), and other services such as catering and cloakroom services were added to the same shopping funnel than tickets. In order to make shopping experience feel smooth as possible for the customer, webshop was styled according to the main website. Industry62 was responsible for making the website and webstore a visually unified experience.

Integration to Inhouse event service

Website connects to Lippupiste service where client manages all the events (showtimes of the plays). Developers of Industry62 created an information architecture where event data is fetched through integration to the website, where the pages of the different plays are automatically generated from the integration data, and important information is fetched automatically from the import: for example name of the play, event dates, event statuses, prices, description texts and in what venue the play is performed. Goal was to get rid of double work, that usually is the case when you have same information in two different systems. After the import, automatically generated pages are in Draft-mode. TTT-Theatre can then enrich the play’s information with dashing images, videos, reviews, and crew and actors information, and when everything is ready, page can be published.

Release and feedback

Before making the site public, we released a beta-version of the site and theatre fans were asked to go to see the new site and comment about it. We got good results and plenty of positive feedback and also discoved some areas that needed to be improved before making site live. After the release, project continues now in development sprints, where we collect functionalities that need to be improved based on customer feedback, prioritize them, and develop the site further one functionality at a time in development sprints.

This was a major project for me, because I got a comprehensive understanding of the case in different angles. I was involved in many roles: worked as UX/UI designer, visual designer, doing project management and helping in frontend developing.
— Jarkko Waari, Experience Designer and partner at Industry62

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