Harri Kulmala

Managing Partner,
Business Coach 



I’m passionate about developing businesses and technology from a human-centric point of view, with warmth and emotional intelligence. I thrive at high levels of complexity by understanding, solving and developing strategies. I’m focused on building true connections to help people and businesses grow towards their goals.





My 20 years of experience in business development, IT and leadership affords me a holistic view of the development of organisations, people and software. Developing technology from a human-centric point of view is my passion. I thrive at the strategic level, understanding and developing complex systems.

I help my clients reach their goals by gathering the right people together, recognising true needs and coaching key players. I believe in creating value with every meeting, building trust is a key element. I’m curious about testing new trends in practise, and am also happy to give talks about future strategic directions.


I’m invigorated by other people! You can learn something from everyone. Exchanging thoughts and building connections is close to my heart, alongside a broad curiosity for learning and trying out new things.



The need for change is often represented by the wish for a new or improved software application. But tech is rarely the sole answer - there are always underlying issues that need to be identified. Otherwise, you might spend a fortune developing solutions to irrelevant problems. It pays off to make sure you are applying the right strategy to the situation. One of my core skills is seeing the big picture of complex systems and identifying the pain points and true needs. The fuzzy and unclear need to be brought into focus.


With Industry62, my goal has been to build a working community without unnecessary hierarchies or policies. I focus on creating space for people to thrive, think for themselves and work towards their own goals. Humans are social creatures - community and true connections make us happy.



All change starts at the individual level, including new business directions. Building new habits require personal motivation, which stems from individual values and goals. Consequently, the direction that an intended change can take is very much determined by how motivated people are. My ability to bring out the best in people harnesses the energy of motivation for personal and organisational change.

"Harri is a great leader who truly inspires people around him. He is someone who knows how to listen to his subordinates and customers. He has the ability to form great relationships with different kind of people and make them feel appreciated. He is always full of ideas and he is always learning something new.

During the 5+ years I worked with Harri, Harri coached the people around him and helped all of us grow in an exceptional way."

- Mirja Kanerva, Head of Robotic Process Automation


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