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For almost 10 years, Industry62 has developed the Estonian National Health Information System (ENHIS) and connected services. The latest solution is the ePerearstikeskus self-care portal - a significant improvement in physician-patient communication.



Ten years ago, the Estonian government made the decision to make people’s health data accessible to their physicians by default. It was a catalyst that gave the opportunity to create the Estonian National Health Information System (ENHIS), a central information system that brings together the Estonian population’s health data.

Industry62 started developing ENHIS in collaboration with Hewlett Packard in 2008, and the resource has since been continually improved upon. The health information system is not intended to be a simple data archive, but connects to other services, such as an mobile information solution for ambulance paramedics, an electronic medical certificate and now also a self-care portal for faster and more secure patient-doctor communication.



Today, most health data records a moment in time when a person is already ill or showing symptoms. The future of healthcare looks very different: Nipping health problems in the bud - or preventing them altogether. This requires intelligent information systems and collecting health data on a much larger scale than before. The self-care portal is a step towards this future of healthcare. Our data-driven future places ever bigger demands on data uniformity and data security, in which Industry62 already has a very strong competence.


1 536 254

People in ENHIS (more than 100% of Estonian population)

28 640 165

Documents in ENHIS




The patient can describe her own health situation in the information system and the general practitioner can see it. For example, the patient can measure their own blood sugar, record their child’s weight and height, etc.

Secure messaging

A new functionality to exchange messages between the physician and the patient in a secure way. Very often patients don't really need to physically meet with their physician. For example, when a prescription drug has run out, a patient can ask the physician to extend the prescription through the system.

Data continuity

Even if a patient moves or her general physician changes for some other reason, the data stays accessible. If there is a reason to come back to an old issue, preceding conversations can easily be found.


User experiences

Diana Ingerainen, the head of the Estonian Society for General Practitioners, has been a pilot user for the application. Her family health centre sees nearly 11 000 patients, and she reports that user satisfaction with the self-care portal has been very good.

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