Cross-border ePrescriptions


Cross-Border E-prescriptions

Cross-border ePrescription enables patients to receive equivalent medication treatment while abroad, to what they would receive in their home country.


In January 2019, Finland and Estonia became the first live participants in the European eHealth network, which aims to have 22 member states participating by 2021. The idea of the eHealth network is to dispense medicine with digital prescription (ePrescription) in European pharmacies for people from other European countries. At the moment, cross-boarder ePrescriptions are supported for people from Finland, Croatia, Luxemburg, and Czechia. A central solution for cross-border data exchange is managed by the European Commission.


Implementing the integration platform

Industry62 implemented the integration platform (Open NCP) in Estonian side and developed needed interfaces Estonian Prescription centre and for pharmacies. Interfaces with prescription centre and pharmases were made using X-road framework (in Finland Palveluväylä).


1000 prescriptions

1,000 Finnish patients traveling in Estonia have collected their prescriptions from local pharmacies since the exchange became active.

Sharing ePrescriptions and Patient Summaries will be crucial for patient safety, as it can help doctors to better understand a foreign patient’s medical history and can reduce the risks of incorrect medication and the costs of duplicate tests
— Vytenis Andriukaitis, Commissioner for health and food safety